Electronic General Demand Note (e-GDN) Enquiry
Application for e-GDN Account
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  1 If you are interested in our e-billing services, please complete the Registration Form for e-Billing Service and submit it to the relevant General Demand Note Issuing Bureau / Department for processing your application. If the issuing office of the bureau / department also accepts online registration for e-billing services, you could also go to the MyGovHK website at www.gov.hk/mygovhk or download iAM Smart Mobile App to proceed with the online registration. Please visit the "iAM Smart" website at www.iamsmart.gov.hk for more information.
Requirement of Electronic General Demand Note (e-GDN) Account
The following items are required to proceed with the application:
Adobe Reader 7 or above
For viewing and printing of documents in PDF format
Adobe Reader Asian Font Packs
For proper display and printing of Chinese characters
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